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In less than a couple of days the video has garnered over a million opinion of YouTube. In the recording, there's shots of Lake Michigan, Grant Park, the Metro and South Shore station, the El Line, and Michigan Avenue. At the end of the playback quality, there are 2 men spray painting "Fall Out Boy Centuries" with a brick building. The "T" in Fall Out Boy and "T" in "Centuries" tend to be constructed being a cross.

Because you make your approach through the rotting remains within the District in fact it is around locations (you may go to Arlington, Chevrolet Follow, along with other suv spots), anyone knowledge passive-aggressive ghouls, a brand new bumbling scientist, plus an old After effects pal termed as Harold who may have, well, a great deal for many years. Addititionally there is a new diminutive group regarding The almighty from the Flies-esque refugees whom grudgingly invite you inside their world, what's available for perform your current charge cards appropriate.

The use of the European style date was odd but immediately created more speculation that this might be a Fallout game based in Europe. Previous games inside the series were situated in the United States but Obsidian lead designer for Fallout: New Vegas previously listed a game title placed in Europe or perhaps the Middle East in the Resource Wars.

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